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The using process for sandwich panel surface protection tape Feb 08, 2018

Sandwich panel will also need the protection of surface protection tape as other metal surface. It is designed according to the characteristics of sandwich panel. What is the material and the process when producing this kind of protection tape
The blowing film is the very important process when producing sandwich panel surface protection tape. The machinery is called blowing machine. The main principle is to heat and melt the raw material of polyethylene. The process of operation will directly decide the quality of the film.

The quality for Sandwich panel surface protection tape have a direct relationship with the raw material of polyethylene. The performance of the film have a close relationship with the technology parameter. So we have to pay attention to the parameters when blowing the film.
In the process of producing sandwich panel surface protection tape, we should be very strict with operation in order to keep high quality goods. The new high quality raw material will keep the surface smooth and color very clean. The deep drawing of the film will be also strong.

Sandwich panel surface protection tape are produced mainly by the raw material polyethylene and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. The glue is environmental and have high quality of adhesive strength.
Sandwich panel with surface protection tape have a wind of usage. Different surface will need different thickness and adhesive strength. So we have to choose suitable protection tape after comparison.  

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