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The role and performance requirements of the glass surface protective film Nov 13, 2018

The glass surface protective film is made of a multi-layered functional polyester composite film material, which is adhered to the surface of the glass product to improve the performance and strength of the glass, and has the glass bending strength and the glass impact resistance. Strength, avoiding personal injury, protection, anti-theft, etc. caused by broken glass and falling off.


In the production process, the glass surface protective film needs to use adhesives, mainly including laminated composite adhesives and mounting pressure sensitive adhesives. Laminated composite adhesives are adhesives used to bond thin layers of different functions such as a safety base layer, a heat insulation layer, an ultraviolet protection layer, and the like.


The glass surface protective film is mainly used for the surface of the glass product to reduce the fragility of the glass. The performance requirements mainly include: 1. Good adhesion to glass, no warping and falling off; 2. Stable viscosity, easy to use, easy to tear and easy to stick, no residue; 3. Good weatherability and Sticky stability.