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The use of electrostatic protection film in aluminum packaging May 08, 2018

Electrostatic protective film is often used in the packaging of aluminum materials, the more common rubber tiles, copper materials, electronic components and building materials products, and in the screws, glass fibers and wires and hoses and other different parts The use is also more common, there is a wider range of computer and furniture and other instruments.

      The electrostatic protection film in the characteristics of several points:

      First, electrostatic protection film is relatively good in toughness:

      Because the electrostatic protection film can withstand the impact force of the sprayed gold sand, which can reach at least 6-8 kilograms, it can effectively protect the processed objects and prevent them from being broken down.

      Second, electrostatic protection film is more moderate in viscosity:

       Electrostatic protection film can be very affixed and firmly adhered to the surface of the glass body, and after the end of the entire process, it can be directly removed, will not break due to crisp and thin, but will not be left behind because of tearing On the surface of the object;

      Third, electrostatic protection film does not appear degumming phenomenon:

      When the static electricity protection film is stuck on the surface of the glass and the entire process is finished, when the protection film is cleaned, the surface of the processed glass will not show any traces of glue, and the surface of the product will be more smooth and beautiful;

      Fourth, electrostatic protection film has good adhesion and weathering performance:

      After using the electrostatic protection film for a period of time, there is no obvious improvement in the adhesion force, and it is very easy to peel it off. The main thing is that after removing the film, no glue remains on the surface of the product. , And the effect of bonding is still relatively good.

      Because the electrostatic protection film has excellent adhesion properties to the material to be protected, when the material is processed or transported, the electrostatic protection film is absolutely free from any curling or falling off, which is also an electrostatic protection film. Excellent performance characteristics; electrostatic protection film is mainly inert to the surface of the material being protected.